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Unlock Yourself Tarot Spread

Focuses on the journey to self-discovery and offers insights into your identity and potential

  • 1 h
  • 55.55 US dollars
  • Online Video Call

Service Description

The Unlock Yourself 8-card Tarot spread focuses on the journey to self-discovery and offers insights into various aspects of your identity and potential. Here's a concise overview of each position and its significance: 1. **What makes you unique?** This card delves into the core qualities that set you apart from others, showcasing your individuality and distinct strengths. 2. **How to unlock your superpowers?** In this position, the card reveals how to tap into your innate abilities and strengths, unleashing your "superpowers" for personal growth. 3. **How to unlock your creativity?** This card guides you on how to access and nurture your creative expression, helping you connect with your imaginative and artistic side. 4. **How to unlock your compassion/How can you be present in the world?** This card offers guidance on cultivating compassion and being fully present in your interactions and experiences, both for yourself and others. 5. **How can you unlock prosperity?** In this position, the card provides insights into how you can attract abundance and success, allowing you to unlock prosperity in various aspects of your life. 6. **How to unlock peace of mind?** This card points you towards ways to find inner tranquility and serenity, offering strategies to achieve a peaceful state of mind. 7. **What makes you happy? Where is your highest vibration?** This position uncovers sources of happiness and reveals where your energy resonates at its highest frequency, guiding you toward activities and experiences that uplift you. 8. **What is your hidden potential?** The final card in the spread unveils your untapped potential and latent abilities that you may not be fully aware of, encouraging you to explore new horizons. This spread provides a comprehensive exploration of different dimensions of your being, offering insights and guidance for your journey of self-discovery and personal growth. Every reading offered comes with an extra dimension of insight through 3 Oracle deck pulls. These additional cards serve to illuminate and broaden the spectrum of possibilities within the reading, providing a deeper understanding of the message conveyed. If preferred, recordings of the readings can be arranged and sent to you subsequent to the session. For an enhanced experience, Yhor’Alchemist offers the option of post-reading follow-up with prayer and personalized emotional and spiritual wellness guidance.

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