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Palm Reading

Rest for the Lost, Wandering & Seeking

A Light in the Valley serves as a haven for those who find themselves broken, weary, fearful, angry, ashamed, and burdened by guilt. Our sanctuary accompanies individuals who are undergoing a profound transformation, shedding their old identities and emerging as entirely new beings. We collaborate with individuals and partners in recognizing self-sabotaging behaviors and the constraining beliefs or patterns that hinder their progress from their current state to their desired destination. Within the embrace of A Light in the Valley, a secure space is provided to embark on an inward journey of healing and self-discovery. This journey delves into one's inner wisdom and highest self, unlocking their untapped potential to the fullest.

A Light in the Valley was created by Yhor’Majesty Aquarius "juju" d’Alchemist, previously recognized as Jhody Polk before the dawn of the New Earth in the Age of Aquarius. Juju stands ready to address your spiritual and emotional needs, extending a guiding hand to all those who seek it.

The Ways through which Juju Presently Engages with Humanity to Elevate Our Vibration:

  • Shadow and Ascension Coach

  • Conflict Coach and Facilitator

  • Tarot Reader

  • Basic Natal Chart Reading through Astrology

  • Energy Healing

  • Alignment of Chakras

  • Evaluating Spiritual and Emotional Well-being (with limited availability)

  • Healing and Nurturing Relationships

  • Assisting as a Death Doula

  • Offering Guidance through Breakups

  • Serving as a Confidant for Explorers, Wanderers, Seekers, and the Lost


Should you require assistance not explicitly mentioned here, kindly reach out to juju at or send a text to 347-669-8901.

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