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Phoenix Rising Initiation & Ritual

All Things Are New Including You! "The Phoenix Rising Ritual" embodies a transformative journey

  • 2 hr
  • 211.11 US dollars
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Service Description

"The Phoenix Rising Ritual" embodies a transformative journey consisting of two distinct parts. This ritual encompasses shedding the old and embracing the new, akin to the legendary phoenix that symbolizes rebirth and immortality. Rooted in Greek mythology and embraced by diverse cultures, the phoenix symbolizes rebirth and renewal, rising from its own ashes to embrace a renewed existence. Aligned with the sun, the phoenix embodies the ability to regenerate through fire, either in a spectacular display of flames or a quieter renewal through decomposition and rebirth. It's important to note that the initial call is an introduction and not the actual ceremony itself. This preliminary call initiates the process by acquainting you with the Yhor’Alchemist and guiding you on an introspective journey spanning your past, present, and future. This phase aims to reclaim fragmented parts of your being, illuminate dark corners of your life, and establish symbolic healing altars. Within this initiation, you'll also discover your new name, purpose, spirit guides, and ancestors, and receive flight codes from your higher power. Following this initiation, a separate Rising Ceremony will be scheduled, tailored according to your unique flight codes. During the Rising Ceremony, you will ceremoniously bid farewell to your former self and emerge as a transformed version of yourself. Each initiation and ceremony is personalized, collaborating closely with Yhor’Alchemist and your higher self to craft an appropriate ritual for you. Initiation requires adequate time and can span up to two hours, so scheduling should be planned accordingly. A deposit of $111.00 is due upon booking your initiation, and an additional $100.11 is required before your Rising Ceremony, totaling $211.11. The Rising Ceremony can be facilitated either online or in-person. For ceremonies conducted beyond New York, travel expenses will be additional to the Initiation and Ceremony Fees. This profound ritual holds the potential to bring about inner renewal and a powerful transformation, allowing participants to rise from their old selves and embrace a new existence. "The old has passed away; behold, the new has come." 1 Corinthians 5:17

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