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Natal (Birth) Chart Reading

A Birth Chart reading encompasses the specific placement of planets, sun and moon in your houses

  • 1 h
  • 88.88 US dollars
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Service Description

Astrology, often considered the soul of the world, serves as a profound bridge connecting the realms within and beyond, above and below. Our birth chart, an intricate tapestry of celestial energies, unveils the essence of who we are, who we've been, and the choices we can make. This cosmic discipline seamlessly intertwines with psychology, where astrology becomes the means to explore the individual soul through the constellations and planets that shape our cosmic and inner solar system. In delving into your birth chart, you unlock the enigmatic codes that open doors to your thoughts, emotions, and divine DNA, facilitating your ascent to the zenith of your potential. This journey realigns you with your highest self, the light, and also your shadow self—oftentimes maligned and miscomprehended, yet an intrinsic part of every individual. Recognizing and exploring your birth chart empowers you, granting access to the entirety of your being. Through this revelation, you can elevate your humanity to exist within a flow state of peace and practice. The uniqueness of each birth chart is a testament to the singular narrative that accompanies it. Your birth chart is a snapshot of the celestial heavens at the time of your birth, revealing a precise tale woven by the positioning of planets, including the sun and moon. This narrative weaves the threads of your past, present, and future. Although we may not always control external events, we possess the boundless knowledge and connection to the greatest power on Earth: ourselves and each other. A Birth Chart reading encompasses the specific placement of planets in your houses, unveiling their personal impact on you. This reading highlights your passions, opportunities, barriers, shadows, and the soul lessons you're meant to embrace in this lifetime. After scheduling your reading, a live one-on-one session with Yhor’Alchemist will be arranged within 72 hours. During this session, you'll have the opportunity to ask questions and take notes. Additionally, the session can be recorded and shared with you afterward. The exploration of your birth chart is an invitation to understand and celebrate the intricacies of your existence, harnessing celestial wisdom to enhance your life's journey. Your birth time is not required, but you need to know your house placement. *****Please schedule your consultation at least 72 hours from booking. Earlier bookings will be charged additional fees or rescheduled with you accordingly.

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