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Fork In The Road Tarot Reading

A Fork In the Road is an intriguing 8-card Tarot spread that delves into infinite possibilities

  • 1 h
  • 44.44 US dollars
  • Online Video Call

Service Description

A Fork In the Road is an intriguing 8-card Tarot reading spread that delves into various aspects of one's journey and surroundings. Here's a concise explanation of each position: 1. **What's your journey?** This card represents the overarching theme or path of your current life journey. It reflects the fundamental essence of your experiences and lessons. 2. **To the East?** This position delves into your future potential, particularly related to new beginnings, opportunities, or areas of growth. It highlights the direction you might be heading. 3. **Possible outcome** This card signifies a potential result or outcome based on your current path and choices. It provides insight into where your journey might lead you. 4. **To the West?** Similar to the "To the East" position, this card explores another potential direction or aspect of your journey. It might offer contrasting opportunities or perspectives. 5. **Possible outcome** Like the third position, this card indicates another potential outcome based on different choices or paths you might take. 6. **Blindsight** This position draws attention to something you might be overlooking or not fully recognizing in your journey. It's a hidden factor that you should consider. 7. **Guides** This card reveals influences or guidance from sources beyond yourself. It could represent spiritual guides, mentors, or even aspects of your own intuition. 8. **In the Shadows** The final position sheds light on something you've been neglecting or avoiding. It could be an issue, feeling, or aspect of yourself that you're not addressing openly. This spread offers a well-rounded exploration of different dimensions in your journey, encouraging self-awareness and a deeper understanding of your path and surroundings. Every reading offered comes with an extra dimension of insight through 3 Oracle deck pulls. These additional cards serve to illuminate and broaden the spectrum of possibilities within the reading, providing a deeper understanding of the message conveyed. If preferred, recordings of the readings can be arranged and sent to you subsequent to the session. For an enhanced experience, Yhor’Alchemist offers the option of post-reading follow-up with prayer and personalized emotional and spiritual wellness guidance. This supplementary service, available for an extra fee, ensures a comprehensive approach to addressing your needs beyond the reading itself.

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