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Celtic Cross Tarot Reading

A powerful tool for gaining a deep understanding and can guide you toward informed decision-making.

  • 1 h 30 min
  • 66.66 US dollars
  • Online Video Call

Service Description

The Celtic Cross spread consists of ten cards, each representing a different aspect of the person's life, and can be used to reveal the desires, fears, or other motivations of the two parties The Celtic Cross is a 10-card Tarot spread, explaining the significance of each position. This spread offers a deep and holistic insight into your situation, challenges, influences, and potential outcomes. Here's a summarized version: 1. The Present / The Self: Describes the current situation and the querent's state of mind. 2. The Problem: Represents the challenge that needs to be addressed for progress. 3. The Past: Reveals past events that have influenced the current situation. 4. The Future: Shows a likely future outcome if nothing changes. 5. Conscious: Explores the querent's goals, desires, and assumptions. 6. Unconscious: Reveals hidden feelings, beliefs, and influences driving the situation. 7. Your Influence: Reflects self-perception and beliefs affecting the situation. 8. External Influence: Depicts the external environment's impact and how others see the querent. 9. Hopes and Fears: Uncovers secret desires and hidden fears of the querent. 10. Outcome: Provides a summary of all cards, offering insights into the likely resolution. This spread is a powerful tool for gaining a multi-faceted understanding of a situation and can help guide you toward informed decisions and actions. Every reading offered comes with an extra dimension of insight through 3 Oracle deck pulls. These additional cards serve to illuminate and broaden the spectrum of possibilities within the reading, providing a deeper understanding of the message conveyed. If preferred, recordings of the readings can be arranged and sent to you subsequent to the session. For an enhanced experience, Yhor’Alchemist offers the option of post-reading follow-up with prayer and personalized emotional and spiritual wellness guidance. This supplementary service, available for an extra fee, ensures a comprehensive approach to addressing your needs beyond the reading itself. It contributes to your holistic well-being by combining divination with spiritual and emotional prescriptions, fostering an all-encompassing sense of balance and clarity.

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