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Release and Let Go Reading

Designed to provide insight and guidance for those stuck in a cycle of challenges and negativity.

  • 45 min
  • 44.44 US dollars
  • Online Video Call

Service Description

This 6-card Tarot spread is designed to provide insight and guidance for those who feel stuck in a cycle of challenges and negativity. It explores the root causes of difficulties and offers wisdom for transformation and growth. Here's a breakdown of each position: 1. What/Who you are holding on to and no longer serves your highest good? This card reveals a person, situation, or belief that you're holding onto, which is hindering your progress and well-being. 2. What triggers and aggravates you emotionally? This card sheds light on the emotional triggers that intensify your challenges, helping you identify sources of inner turmoil. 3. Traps and wisdom for releasing and transforming these lesser vibrations. This position provides guidance on how to release negative patterns and transform them into positive energy and growth. 4. Seek signs of your new beginning. This card highlights signs and opportunities that indicate the emergence of a new phase in your life. 5. Ask the universe what lessons you are meant to learn. In this position, you pose a question to the universe, seeking insights into the lessons that your challenges are meant to teach you. 6. Move past suffering to bliss. The final card offers guidance on how to transition from a state of suffering to a state of bliss and contentment. This spread offers a comprehensive approach to understanding and navigating challenging situations. It encourages self-reflection, release, and transformation, ultimately guiding you toward a more positive and fulfilling path. Every reading offered comes with an extra dimension of insight through 3 Oracle deck pulls. These additional cards serve to illuminate and broaden the spectrum of possibilities within the reading, providing a deeper understanding of the message conveyed. If preferred, recordings of the readings can be arranged and sent to you subsequent to the session. For an enhanced experience, Yhor’Alchemist offers the option of post-reading follow-up with prayer and personalized emotional and spiritual wellness guidance. This supplementary service, available for an extra fee, ensures a comprehensive approach to addressing your needs beyond the reading itself. It contributes to your holistic well-being by combining divination with spiritual and emotional prescriptions, fostering an all-encompassing sense of balance and clarity.

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