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A Light In The Valley

Light For Dark Times

Looking for clarity and insight? A Light In The Valley, LLC offers the power of Tarot and energy healing to help you unlock your potential and awaken your inner light.

Yhor'Alchemist is an intuitive tarot reader and energy healer ready to guide you on your inner journey.

 All Readings and Energy work is  virtual. Tarot Readings can be requested in person if you live in NYC

Light of the Earth and Messenger of Peace and Hope for Humanity

From a young age, I realized that I wasn’t like everyone else. Incarcerated in my mind, my body, my family, and my community. I never quite fit into the world's norms, perceptions, and beliefs. There was a time when all of my thoughts were negative and my dreams were killed instantly by fear. Soon my inner prison was manifested into a physical prison. Trapped in the darkness of my traumas, fears, past, and future, I made the greatest discovery of the ages… I discovered who I am, who I’ve always been, and my why. Like the Phoenix, I set myself ablaze and rose from the ashes ascending into my highest self and Heaven on Earth.


When I unlocked who I was, I was able to stop seeking for truth outside of myself and became aware of the many gifts, wisdom, and profound power that have always existed within me. 

When I came to terms with my abilities I decided to utilize them to help others. I live to free people from themselves. To find the inner keys to escape their inner prisons so that our higher self, ancestors, and heavenly guides can work with and through us to achieve our purpose on earth. Yhor’Alchemist is the mirror on the wall,  reflecting who you truly are so that you can find your way to your scared path. Let me introduce you to you!

Our Services

“I am no longer accepting the things I cannot change. I am changing the things I cannot accept.”

Angela Davis

How Tarot Can Illuminate Your Path

Tarot is a mirror to your inner world, reflecting both the opportunities and challenges ahead. When you consult the cards with Yhor'Alchemist, you open a doorway to deep self-awareness and understanding. Discover the potential that lies dormant within and unearth the hidden truths that shape your journey.

What to Expect During Your Reading

Every tarot reading is tailored to your unique energy and circumstances:

  1. Setting Intentions
    We'll begin by focusing on the areas where you seek clarity. Whether it's love, career, or personal growth, clear intentions set the foundation for a meaningful reading.

  2. Drawing the Cards
    Using a spread designed specifically for your situation, Yhor'Alchemist will interpret the messages the cards hold. Their intuitive insights will guide you through the layers of meaning.

  3. Exploring Insights
    Together, we'll delve into the opportunities and challenges revealed, uncovering the steps you can take toward your transformation.

  4. Empowering Actions
    Receive actionable advice and empowering affirmations to integrate the reading's wisdom into your life.

Why Choose Yhor'Alchemist?

  • Intuitive Clarity: Benefit from Yhor'Alchemist's deep intuition, guiding you toward your highest potential.

  • Transformational Focus: Embrace a reading that goes beyond fortune-telling to empower you on your journey.

  • Safe Space: A Light in the Valley is a welcoming, non-judgmental space for exploration and growth.

Step into Your Authentic Self Today

There is nothing holding you back from becoming you but you. Step into your true power with guidance from Yhor'Alchemist. Reach out today to schedule your tarot reading and embark on a journey of profound transformation.

Ready to shine your light? Contact Yhor'Alchemist now to consult the tarot and understand what opportunities and challenges lie ahead and within

‪(352) 389-1035

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